Thomas Painter (1859 – 1860)

Thomas Painter was the second Mayor of Wrexham in 1859 to 1860, he was born in 1807 and was the youngest son of John & Catherine Painter, His father was a stationer, printer and bookseller on High street, (where Yorke’s Royal Tribes and Edwards edition of Browne Willis’s History of the Diocese of St Asaph were published). He got married on the 22nd of October 1839 to Anne Overton who was the sister of Mr William Overton who also became a Mayor of Wrexham in 1865, Mr Painter was a Conservative in politics, he was also the chairman of the Wrexham Gas company and of the Wrexham Market Hall company. (He was also a J.P.) In 1857 Mr Painter and Mr Overton bought the Old Town Hall from the Crown and set up a business as wine merchants but carried on with their own printing businesses elsewhere. Mr Painter was interested in the Lead Mines in Minera, from which he made a fortune. Mr Painter was related to the publishing company Routledge, this company is now a Global Publishing company that is still going for over 165yrs, He died on the 16th January 1889 aged 82. Buried at Wrexham Cemetery J-02709 Researched by John Davies.
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Thomas Painter (1859 – 1860)

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