John Jones (1878 – 1888)

John Jones was the 27th Mayor of Wrexham in 1887 to 1888, he was born in Wrexham in 1822 at St John’s of Grove Park, he was the son of Robert Jones, who was a partner in a Carriage Builders business called Jackson & Jones of Hope street. He was an apprentice at his father’s business and served his term, but once he had finished his training he decided to change his occupation to become a school master, He was trained in London then came back and took charge of a school held in a room beneath Chester street’s Congregational church. Then later became a Schoolmaster in Ruabon for two years, then after that he gave up teaching and turned his attention to Law and joined a Mr John Lewis of Wrexham who was a solicitor and subsequently commenced a practice himself. At one time he had offices at the Lion House on High street, but then later moved to Henblas street. He became a member of the council in 1860 and was made an Alderman in 1864 for 6yrs, after his term in office he withdrew from municipal life for a time but was elected again as an Alderman in 1886 then became the Mayor of Wrexham in 1887. Mr Jones became well known as an election agent, having acted in this position for Col Biddulph for the county, also for Mr Watkin Williams Wynn for the Borough, also for Sir George Osborne Morgan and Sir Robert Cunliffe. He was the Mayor during the Eisteddfod in 1888 that was successful due to his support. He was also an Author of a number of books, with names such as “Wrexham & its Neighbourhood(1868)” “The Maid of Caergwerle(1871)” that was re-printed as “Winifred Meredith (1885)” also “Wrexham & Thereabouts 80yrs on (1883). He passed away on the 3rd April 1892 aged 70 years. Researched by John Davies.
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John Jones (1878 – 1888)

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