Dr Henry Venables Palin (1889 – 1891)

Dr Henry Venables Palin was the 29th Mayor of Wrexham, He was born on the 5th March 1851 at Stepleford Hall in Cheshire, he was the son of William Palin and Mary Eleanor Dickinson, who lived with her grandfather Venables Kirke of Gwersyllt Hall. Dr Palin’s paternal grandfather lived at Llay Hall. He studied first at Birkenhead School and then studied for his profession at Edinburgh University, once he passed his medical exams he went to St Thomas’s Hospital in London and eventually became a Medical Doctor with his uncle, Dr John Dickinson who was also a Mayor in 1861 to 1862, whose practice he took on after his uncles death. In 1898 to 1899 he was president of the North Wales Branch of the British Medical Association. Then he was the Honorary Surgeon at the Wrexham Infirmary for 17 years. He was always ready to identify himself with good causes in Wrexham and for many years took a prominent part in local government. He became a member of the council in 1888 and then became Mayor in 1889 for two years. He was also a J.P. in 1892 after his two years as Mayor, his father was an agriculturist and became a pioneer in what is now known as scientific farming. Dr Palin lived at Crescent House and was married twice, he was first married to Miss Sarah Francis and they had one son and three daughters, she passed away in 1901 so then secondly married Miss Ethel Sarah Roberts of Rockville in New Ferry. He passed away on the 26th March 1924 aged 73 years. Researched by John Davies.
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Dr Henry Venables Palin (1889 – 1891)
  • Dr Henry Venables Palin (1889 – 1891)

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