"Can you swap my husband for an Action Man?"

3rd December 1982 Noel Edmonds came to open a new Video shop on Tenters Square. He spent most of the day signing autographs. This was at the time he was on "Swap Shop" and one lady from Edward Street, the late Eileen Williams asked if he could do a swap for her, when he said he would try she said "can you swap my husband for an Action Man?" This brought a laugh from all the people queuing and Noel didn't know what to say. I also remember ‘Ken Barlow’ arriving to open a Drama class in the old Church, which is now a block of flats, how everyone came out to meet him. Wrexham was now on the map, more so Edward Street, Hampden Road & Poyser Street. I lived on the Street for 24 years and had many ups and downs but always someone to pick you up. I do miss it.
Story added by Sheila W
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